Lazy Giant Fiji

Having been caught in a cyclone and seeing the after math of the cyclone, it was unfortunate that my Island hopping trip got cancelled due to bad weather.  The sea was unfortunately not that lovely tropical blue it once was, but was swamped with wood, trees and other fauna.

Thankfully due to three room mates who I met the previous night we still managed to make the most of the situation.  One Australian, a Swedish girl, Danish Girl and myself teamed up and hired a car and a friendly guy who worked in the hotel joined us on our adventure to the Lazy Giant.   It was a lovely National Park with Water Falls and Zip Lining. Perfect to enjoy in the bright sunshine and take our minds of our cancelled trips.

The guides and park helpers were amazing and so friendly, the place was beautiful and it was clear to see how the lazy giant got its name (rock formation).

More information on the Lazy Giant can be found at :




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