Fiji Adventure

First day in Fiji 

Sunday 26 January

Setting of from Auckland on the main stretch of the journey was okay after the mad panic between terminals, due to the wrong boarding time being printed on my ticket, after running and dodging the slow plodders in the 28c heat was already flustered. That was only the start of frustrating process before I got safe to the hostel I was staying in.

Although I had seen the Hobbit safety demonstration 8 times, this one was actually slightly different due to the amazing first and business class travel and the air couches.  Walking through and thinking this is what you could have had.  It was half empty and most of it was actually filled with Elderly people from Fiji. We had already been warned that it was very cloudy and humid in Fiji, so unfortunately I missed out on seeing the fantastic scenery from above.

fiji airport
Welcome to fiji

The moment I got of the plain the change in humidity hit me.  Inside I could he hear yucaliees being played, however I was one of the many people who had suddenly started to take pictures of planes. Well the art work was good and the whole plane was decorated with hobbit characters. Inside the airport it was very hot and sticky, the two men were busy playing away whilst people stood next to them for a photo, mean while so 20 something elderly ladies were all lined up in one queue.  Having taken my time to get off the plane I just followed the English speaking people. After ¼ hour I realised in was in the Fijian residents queue and moved over. I was not the only one shortly there was a queue behind me of all those who had suddenly realised.

Finally I got to the front of the queue and then clear immigration, having the remainders of a bad cough and cold I hoped I did not cough in front of them.  One of the questions on your landing card

  • Have you had any of the following in past 10 days, Headache, Sickness, Cough or cold and diarrhea.
  • Have you been near farm animals i.e. sheep, horses cows
  • Have you been trekking or visited a forest.

There were loads others, but I lied and thankfully they did not inspect how clean my shoes were.  To busy with those who had suitcases full of food.  After one painful process I made it down stairs, to find the Feejee experience help desk to get my itinerary and vouchers.  The lady on the door was less than welcoming or friendly.  I then managed to get to the desk and got the dimmest person ever to check me in. After showing my confirmations and passport 3 times he could not find me on the system or in paper work, was already  sweating buckets by now and in need of water.  He then phoned head office to see what the problem was as they were claiming I had not paid.  Finally a co worker finished with other customers and walked over and picked up my envelope in seconds and was on my way.

The drive through Nadi was actually quite surprising to me as I had not imagined it to be more developed than the Domincan Republic, the towns looked really dusty and shop windows dark and many with wire over them, the streets were not over crowded and it was great to see that there were few big franchises such  as Mcdonalds and Chicken Express.

greenery, Fiji
Lush Countryside

Over all the scenery was lush green everywhere, obviously due to being located in the tropics.  Houses were all built on stilts and most were bright colours.  In floods there houses were safe from water and also acted as shade from the sun.  The roads were not too bad considering there was one main high way which went round the island.  Drivers were not too bad, though when ever the road was clear we did drive down the middle of the road, some times to avoid cows which had escaped and wild dogs.  The number of wild dogs in Fiji was very high.

Soon I got dropped of at one of the hostels in Nadi, I could not remember if I got first of second choice, but was wary when I was only one getting off.  I arrived to a very quite hostel, only 4 residents around pool and the bar.  There were actually more members of staff than residents. After I had been checked in and found out I was the only one in my dorm, decided to hit the beach to cool off or try to refresh, however the sea was actually warmer than most indoor swimming pools.

After a shower I opted for some tea and decided on the veggie pizza.  I know I am weird for having a cheese-less pizza but it was most random pizza ever, veg wise.  Mash potato, carrots, red cabbage, green cabbage, onions and fennel.  Was weird and could of done with more chilli and garlic but that’s just me.  My first sunset in Fiji was beautiful as the sun set over the sea even though it had been a cloudy day.

sunset, beaches, sky
Sun set on Fiji

Since I had no room mates and there was nobody about under the age of 50+ decided early night before starting 4 day Feejee experience. It was actually hard to relax after being settle in one place for 7 weeks and not actually working and relaxing.


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