Prince of Egypt

Inspired by the childhood favorite movie “Prince of Egypt”, the first animated epic movie produced by dreamworks about the story of Moses and the earliest civilization in human history. My ultimate dream was to visit Egypt and follow the steps of this historical journey of our ancestors.


Muses chose to change his life when he decided to move from being a prince in ancient Egypt’s capital to the north in Sinai, in a spiritual turning journey. After assimilating this new culture Moses becomes a shepherd and get married. One day, while chasing a stray lamb, Moses discovers a burning bush through which God tells him to go back to Egypt and guide the Hebrew slaves to freedom. This part of the story always amazes me, where everyone makes a change which might turn your life upside down. So we wanted to track the steps of Moses journey where he rediscovered himself.

prince-of-egypt-red-sea-parting            sinai-road-egypt_


We landed in Cairo at 6:00 am, and made through the capital busy traffic to our hotel for quick rest before setting off to the pyramids where the story had begun. We went in February, so the weather was nice, not like the boiling summer, where it would be so hot for us to walk in the pyramids. It was amazing and baffling how the pharaohs built these huge pyramids, even scientists and pharaohs’ mummies confirm that they had small, short body build. This spectacular monument that overlooks Cairo is one of the most famous destinations on the entire planet, and the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that is still standing

.1        Pyramids of Giza at sunset, Cairo, Egypt

On the footsteps of Moses we left all the capital hype, crowd and went to the North Sinai. There are different transport means internal flights, bus, Car (No trains go all this way yet). The bus took us 6 hours to arrive to Sinai, it might took muses days on his horse to go this far north. Sinai have a big beautiful sand and mountains with clear, fresh air away from the capital’s pollution. We wanted to go the mountain where it all begun, Called Mt. Horeb in the Bible and locally known as Jebel Musa (Gebel Musa), Mt Sinai is concidered to be the place where Prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.

One of the highest mountains in Egypt, with a small Orthodox church and a mosque on its summit at 2285 meters from sea level. Mt Sinai forms one massif with Jebel Safsafa and Jebel Loza, with many small basins on the top. In these basins there are old churches, small gardens and relics of monastic life. The most common route to the peak is from the Monastery via the “Steps of Repentance ” built by monks or via the camel path built by Viceroy of Egypt, Abbas Hilmi Pasha I., although there are several other less travelled beautiful treks.

We camped there and had tour with amazing mountain treks without forgetting to have a dip in the red sea, with its clear, colourful fish and coral reefs.

At the end of this amazing trip, we headed back to get our flight, with so



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