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I’m Kate and I love to explore new places and have been fortunate to spend a considerable amount of time in Australia and New Zealand, experiencing life and adventures “Down Under Style”.  It has always been my dream to emigrate “Down Under”, but unfortunately due to my age and lack of qualifications in the correct industry I have been limited to a working holiday.  I loved sun and laid back life of Melbourne, Cairns was also a lovely tropical place in Oz.  In New Zealand I got to live the dream and jump on and off a bus and doing everything from Flying Planes, Canyoning, Swimming with Dolphins, White Water Rafting and so much more.

I have also been fortunate to visit many places such as India and Goa as I love Indian food and different flavors they have.  Mexico, Sri Lanka, Senegal, The Gambia, most of Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean.  I look forward to sharing my memories and experiences.

Caving in Auckland                                                      White Water Rafting in Waitanga



I’m Alicia.  And I love to cook – all types of food.  I also enjoy trying new dishes and different cuisines.  I traveled extensively, especially in the US, and have loved trying the food from the different areas where I have been.  I’m looking forward to working with my fellow bloggers to give you a more multi-dimensional experience of places we have been, whether you visit the same places or not!

Sourdough at Boudin’s, San Francisco – courtesy of The Fresh Load (http://www.thefreshloaf.com/)


A Nomad in search for the perfect burger.  I love traveling around the world, with the ultimate dream to set a foot on all 7 continents. Our goal with this blog is to inspire people to travel and explore our wonderful planet. We want to give regular travelers an opportunity to share their experiences and stories.

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