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I love food.  I love eating it, I love looking at it (a beautiful plate of sushi is a joy forever) and I especially love cooking and sharing it.  My purpose is to share with you what I know about the places that we are detailing in this site:  for each destination, where to go out to eat (whether refined or not!  Some of the best places I’ve been to eat have been so tiny and unassuming, if you blinked you’d miss ’em), or stay in and cook – perhaps something you’ve never tried to make before.

None of the recipes will be too difficult to make, and will lead you to looking into other recipes from the same or similar places.

I am also a kitchen gadget nut.  Gadgets also include kitchens themselves, like the one pictured above.  This is from the San Francisco flagship store of Williams-Sonoma.  I want a kitchen like this when I grow up.  Or when one of my kids decides to keep me in the style to which I should be accustomed.  Hey, at least I was able to afford the copper measuring spoons….

Williams Sonoma Flagship

StepMap Williams Sonoma Flagship

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