Meals out and about

Durham -My birthday

For myself, a trip to Durham City is nothing uncommon.  For tourists or for the parents of students from other continents, Durham is a fantastic city.  With the Cathedral that started construction in 1093 and the castle that was also built in the 11th Century it is a city full of history and a exciting past. 

Having visited the Cathedral and climbed to the top and explored the rooms, whilst taking in the stain glass windows.  There are an abundance of places to eat close to the cathedral and throughout the city.  Many are independent restaurants with a few of the major franchises.  

A treat of my parents was a visit to lovely Lebanese restaurant for lunch.  As much as I love Chinese, Mexican and Indian, I was still excited at the chance to try a new style of food.  Being vegetarian can be hard to find places to eat at that go beyond three cheese pasta bake or vegetable lasagna.  Thankfully not piece of pasta in site.

Vegetarian starter
Vegetarian Meze starter

Keen to try many different tastes I opted for the vegetarian mixed starter with a homemade flat bread, fresh from the oven and tahini dip.  The bread was so light and the consistency of the hummus and tahini was perfect.  Also on my plate was hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Wark Inab, Tabbouleh, Labneh, Falafel, Batata Harra, Jebne Halloumi.That was just the starter. 

Vegetarian Bammieh.
Main course vegetable Bammieh.

My main course was vermicelli rice with Okra in a tasty tomato, garlic, olive oil based sauce.  Well presented with lots of colour and pickled vegetables.  Also known as Bammieh. 

Lebanese chicken
Chicken Shawarma,

Now I now, vegetables are not everyone’s cup of tea so I will share the Chicken Shawarma, with chargrilled onions and peppers, homemade chips seasoned with paprika.   

Again, the colour and presentation was amazing.  There were lots of different dishes to try and if I was a student in Durham I would make use of the delivery service they offer to try more on the menu.

Why not visit the website and see the exciting menus available?

Parents Wedding Anniversary. 

I’ve not got pictures from each course, mainly because I felt rude taking pictures whilst people were eating. Headlam Hall were my parents had there 45 wedding anniversary meal was very posh.  We hired out a private room for the party and had our own menu developed.  The portions were not excessive from the Muse Buse style portion of carrot and coriander soup that came in a bowl not much bigger than an egg cup to the dessert they were all packed with flavor.

When it came to dessert I was torn between a classic sticky toffee pudding or rhubarb and custard. I went with the rhubarb and custard.  The rhubarb was the sweetest I have ever taste, not to tart and not full of sugar, the crumble had a perfect consistency. The format of the crumble was a bit different as you can see from the photo.  You mixed up the different pieces of desert in your mouth, crumble, rhubarb, ice cream and sponge and could taste different textures.

Rhubarb Crumble
Delicate dessert, Rhubarb, crumble, ice cream and sponge




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