African roots

Inspired with our great ancestors history, it is my ultimate dream to go around Africa from its east north Egypt, where they built the great pyramids and go through African jungles until we have to cross the Atlantic ocean to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean islands, and see how Africans built a modern civilization there.


I am big fan of history and believe that every human’s history full with secrets, chasing your own history with traveling to places, you never thought it might be where your ancestors based, before moving. Who knows one of these travels might change your life, and make you take huge changes in your life. That’s why i like to explore the places as wanderer, or local person (my skin color helps me) not as tourist who just see the outer side of the place.

I am also a big sports fan, and will be in the Bahamas for 2017 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup that will be the 9th edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, the premier international beach soccer championship contested by the men’s national teams. It is very special event and first of its kind in the carribean region to host such international competition. Well we shall see who will win it, hopefully Senegal cross the Atlantic to get the cup and get it back to Africa.


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